We are proud to be part of the Lift The Ban coalition.

In 2018 we joined over 100 other organisations in officially joining this colaition, organised by Asylum Matters and Refugee Action.

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The coalition now consists of over 200 organisations all working to Lift The Ban.




What is the Lift The Ban campaign?

Asylum seekers across the UK are currently prevented from working. Forced to live on just £5.36 per day while the Government processes their claim for asylum, a process which often takes months or years. Unable to provide for themselves and their families, people seeking sanctaury in our country often fall into desperate poverty and depression as a result of this unfair law.

Lifting the ban could benefit the UK economy by as much as £42.4m per year.

Refugee Action commissioned research which shows that the benefit to the UK economy of allowing asylum seekers to work would be staggering.

71% of the public agree that people seeking asylum should be allowed to work.

Their research also shows a massive amount of public support for this campaign – 71% is an incredible amount of agreement and shows just how wrong the Government is on this issue.

Read the full research report and find out more about the National Campaign here.

What is Hastings Community of Sanctuary doing?

    • We are campaigning on this issue both nationally and locally. We recently attended a meeting of the coalition where we discussed ideas and plans for lobbying our MPs.
    • We have posters and petitions popping up all around the town!
    • In April 2019 The Hastings & Rye Constituency Labour Party (CLP) recently passed a motion supporting the Lift The Ban campaign, and calling on Hastings Borough Council to adopt it. You can read the full motion here. We will keep you informed of the actions which come out of this motion here and in our News section.
    • Hosting a Day of Action on 15th June 2019 to raise the profile of the capaign. See our events section for full details.

If you would like to get involved locally with this campaign please email us [email protected]

What can you do?

If you can’t get involved in our local campaigning, you can still make your voice heard by signing the official petition.

You can also tweet, post on facebook and instagram, and tell your friends about the campaign. Most people are not aware of this ban, and are often shocked when they find out about it!


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