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This page contains short films and videos from various projects which we are partnered with or support. For more information about each project please see the links below.

Prejudice: A #SurvivingtoThriving UpRising film:

Surviving to Thriving is a partnership project between the British Red Cross, the Refugee Council and UpRising, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. The project provides 11 to 25 year-old refugees and asylum seekers in Birmingham, Leeds and the East of England with the life skills, advice, mental health support and leadership opportunities to rebuild their lives and thrive.

UpRising provides a tailored programme enabling young people to use the medium of film to explore their experiences, taking up the roles of actor, script-writer, director, and film-maker to represent the perceptions and challenges they face as unaccompanied asylum-seeking children in British society.

There are 14 films in this series, covering issues about detention, age assessments, family renunion and lonliness. The full list can be found here.

UNHCR: The Global Context 2018.


Leslie Knott was put in touch with Hastings Community of Sanctuary by Giles Duley with whom she is a long standing friend, and with and for whom she has made films. Giles asked whether we could help Leslie find  some people to help in the final stages of her moving short film, made for the UN Nansen refugee Award.

Leslie came down to Hastings in summer and spoke with several people here with a refugee history, recording their voices so that she could have real voices on her film, in which as she explained she was trying to emphasize the shared humanity between all of us – all the people forced to flee, and all of us here. She was very grateful for the kind participation of some of our refugee friends.

Leslie works with Tigernest Films. See here to find links to  their incredible series of short documentary films about refugees– each a small but moving and powerful moment of recognition of the lives of others and our shared humanity. The film ‘Syria’s Disabled Refugees’ documents our celebrated local resident Giles Duley’s return to some of the Syrian families of whom he has taken photographic portraits, and with whom he became friends, as he recounted at the event ‘The Power of a Story’, co-hosted by Hastings Community of Sanctuary in July 2018.