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Locked Up In Lockdown: Talking About Immigration Detention

Irfan and Safwa Chowdhury, from our Campaigns team, talk about the practice of locking people up in indefinite immigration detention, and ways to raise awareness of what this means.

One of Safwa’s pictures. “You’ve worked hard and built a life for your family in the UK. But they won’t stop until they’ve taken you away”.

At the recent Festival by the Lake Online, Sunday 21st June 2020, Irfan and Safwa Chowdhury joined expert-by-experience John Baptist in a panel exploring indefinite immigration detention. John Baptist, who now has been granted asylum, spoke compellingly of his own lived experience of detention. Irfan then explained some basic facts about current detention policy and practice, and Safwa introduced her Instagram campaign.

You can watch them here.