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Blog Post 4/9/18 – Lost Girl

Lost Girl.

Tuesday 4th September 2018.

Many of those resettled in Hastings are children; children who have been through trauma, who have seen unspeakable things. Yet they laugh and smile and play as children do. Their strength and happiness are a constant source of joy to all of us involved in the various projects.

This poem was written by Ghalia, only 14 years old, who came to Hastings in 2016.

Lost girl

by Ghalia, Syria

This girl             yes

This girl you see

She was not a refugee

But just a child

who loved to read

To walk with grandma

by the sea

The night were loud

They had to flee

So Now

we call her a refugee

She’s a child

But may she be free

She could be you

She could be Me.