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Screening of Nae Pasaran / 15th February 2019 SOLD OUT


Friday 15th February 2019, 7.30pm

Kino-Teatr 43-49 Norman Rd, Hastings, St Leonards, St Leonards-on-Sea TN38 0EG

With a Q&A Panel: hosted by Felicity Laurence – Hastings Community of Sanctuary

with panellists:

Felipe Bustos – Nae Pasaran Director

Rossana Leal – Founder of Hastings Refugee Buddy Project

Peter Chowney – Labour leader of Hastings Council

Cllr Antonia Berelson – Labour Councillor for St Helens ward

Simon Finley – Syrian Resettlement Project Officer, Hastings Borough Council

David Arnold – UNISON Policy Officer

About Nae Pasaran: A film about the impact of international solidarity.

A fantastic new documentary ‘Nae Pasaran’ (2018) shares the story of Scottish labourers standing against Chile’s Pinochet regime. Link to the trailer here.

The CIA-backed military coup in Chile was led by Pinochet and toppled the democratically-elected socialist government of Salvador Allende. British-built Hawker Hunters bombarded La Moneda, the presidential palace where Allende, refusing to surrender or accept exile, made his final speech before taking his own life. Within hours, a military junta was sworn in and Allende’s supporters and anyone against the coup were arrested, tortured, or forced into exile. Left-wing political activity was suppressed until Pinochet’s dictatorship ended in 1990.

One of the most efficient acts against his rule took place, without violence, in Scotland, in 1973, when a group of Scottish factory workers refused to repair warplanes that had arrived from Chile. They were told that their solidarity was meaningless. Now, a new film tells another story.

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