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Honduras: Heart of Latin America

An information night & social gathering.
7.30PM OPEN 19 Grand Parade St Leonards on Sea TN37 6DN
FREE event, arrive early for supper
Organised by The Hastings & Rother Refugee Buddy Project

Where is Honduras? People generally think it’s in South America. Little is known or reported about this beautiful country located in Central America, dogged with corruption, drug and gun trafficking, a centre piece for US imperialism.

Image by artist Leyli Horna Minchola

Come along for an information night which will allow you to understand some of the geopolitics of a country which is central to US policy in South America, while also hearing about the rich history and culture of a relatively unknown country.

At present there is an illegally re-elected government sitting in Honduras with politicians who collaborate with the US and are growing rich off corruption – the brother of the illegally re-elected President was sentenced to life in prison for drug and gun trafficking, and also lying to the authorities. While Berta Caceres a worldwide known environmental activist was murdered by the government for protecting the natural wealth of the country. There is currently a humanitarian crisis unfolding in Honduras, thousands are escaping on foot to the border of the US, some are arriving in the UK.

This information night will help you understand how imperialism has plunged Honduras into corruption. Learn about its history, a melting pot where North and South America meets, where there is a black African community who escaped slavery and still speak the language their ancestors arrived with hundreds of years ago. Honduras is a tapestry of culture which straddles many continents, come along and learn more.

This event has been organised by the Buddy Project
Food will be served from 7pm, donations for OPEN welcomed

Image is by artist: Leyli Horna Minchola and depicts Berta Caceres, a Honduran environmentalist campaigner and community leader brutally murdered by the government.