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Epiphany Comes to OPEN

21st November 2019, 6.30-9.00pm.

Epiphany Musicians

An evening of classical music, tea, cakes and snacks.

How could we say no to these musicians who have offered to come and play at OPEN, and paint your portrait with classical/folk music!

The say a visual artist creates an image of a person sitting before them, that it takes real skill to capture the sitters personality in the image.

Well, Epiphany believe that it’s possible to paint pictures with music as well as the brush or pen. With their instruments and voices they will use improvised music as a means of creating a ‘sound portrait’ of the people we play for.

Like a reflection in a mirror, the image is reflected back in music. The person whose portrait is being played may see themselves portrayed as they’ve never been before!

Please RSVP to Khadija, Cafe Manager, [email protected]